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virtual self
give yourself endless time
meet your
remove physical limitations
scale your expertise
The more skills you have the better
Only time is limited
But your AI-powered avatar has your expertise and all the time in the world
in text chat
train your AI-self by talking with it
in voice chat
in 3D spaces
on a phone call
train your AI-self by talking with it
train your AI-self by talking with it
Hello, nice to hear you, how can i help you?
is calling
talk to Anatoli
The AI avatar of DEXART co-founder Anatoli Ille will answer all your questions about the platform and its capabilities in the chat
about DEXART
as you wish
Streamline business processes
use your AI-avatar
Be available for contact 24/7 in any language
Earn with your various expertise
Preserve your identity for next generations
  • 1 avatar in the metaverse, capable of voice communication,
  • Telegram-bot to test dialogues, available for two months after creation of the avatar,
  • 1 М tokens per month. For additional tokens above the tariff, you pay based on usage.
  • Custom Chatbot Personality with Clone Scripts
  • Downloads of Chat Transcripts
  • API access (possibility to use the AI character at your own resources)
  • Dedicated Training Specialist — 1 hour/month. Above this — 50 $/hour.
The following features are being developed and will be available for additional cost:
The plan includes:
  • AR character
  • Custom branded 3D model
  • Full-fledged telegram bot powered by your AI character
  • Personal Voice Clone
  • Live Agent Takeover
  • RSS Feeds
  • Training your avatar in a voice dialogue
  • Full analytics dashboard
  • Additional engagement mechanics for 3D spaces
per month
for 6 months
a year
for 2 years
*plans are subject to change
Invite 10 friends to the platform and get 6 months of your avatar for free
to receive important news
Sacramento, CA